Nonprofits and Municipalities

At Golan & Kaye, we implement strategic interventions and consultation with leading Israeli nonprofits and municipalities to create their own internal development capacity. This new approach reduces dependency, increases efficiency, enforces accountability and has significant short and long-term benefits for the Israeli nonprofit and municipal sectors.

Our goal: to take meaningful nonprofit initiatives to the next level.

Golan & Kaye works with nonprofit organizations that have a meaningful mission and are effective, transparent and accountable. Our client organizations must exhibit potential for growth to develop their vision and desire to strengthen their resource development capacity in order to secure sustainable funding sources.

Through focused intervention and coaching modules, Golan & Kaye teaches and trains Israeli nonprofits and municipalities in the following key areas:

  • Creating fundraising campaigns (capital and programmatic).
  • Establishing planned giving programs.
  • Building and working with volunteer boards.
  • Crafting effective donor messaging.
  • Designing donor-driven projects and program.
  • Developing donor databases and fundraising strategies.
  • Writing effective grant proposals and project updates.
  • Facilitating donor cultivation and stewardship.
  • Communicating with donors and coordinating donor visits.