Get to Know Us

We are privileged to be part of Israel’s ongoing nation building. This small, innovative, dynamic society is bursting with indomitable energy and non-profit initiatives. Jewish people around the world are a vital part of this mission.

 Golan & Kaye fills a critical need in strengthening Israeli society

Yet, in Israel’s under resourced areas in the North (Galilee) and South (Negev), where non-profits are essential to serving vulnerable and isolated populations, many do not have the resource development knowledge or skills to raise the philanthropic funds they need. Furthermore, many philanthropists are simply unaware of the vital needs and opportunities that exist.

Golan & Kaye is empowering a new philanthropic vision to enhance resource development capacity of Israeli non-profits and local municipal authorities, and at the same time are providing philanthropists and foundations with the highest quality representation and project management in Israel.

Natan Golan and Jeff Kaye, former senior resource development professionals at global Jewish philanthropic organizations, who have successfully engaged hundreds of philanthropists in effective partnerships with Israeli non-profits,  have a proven track record of achieving a meaningful impact in Israel, for both non-profit organizations and overseas donors.